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I help buyers find affordable condos with good investment potential.

Buying a condo in Singapore with high investment potential

Buying a private condo in Singapore can be a shrewd investment – if you know what to look for and which areas are likely to offer the best potential.

I’m James Yeo, a residential property investment specialist who helps condo buyers get more bang for their buck.

Buying a condo is a huge step in terms of your future finances and quality of life. After a lot of research, I’ve identified a select handful of newly-launched condos and new, unsold units in other condos that I believe are excellent value for money.

My selection of these condos for sale in Singapore is based on their capacity to offer:

  • Affordability.
  • High standards of accommodation.
  • Pleasant settings.
  • Good surrounding amenities.
  • Proximity to Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) links.
  • Quality nearby schools.
  • Outstanding investment potential.
  • Best balance between capital outlay and rental yield.
  • Stability in the event of market changes or other fluctuating economic forces.

I targeted my search on Singapore’s suburbs – a traditional real estate market for upper middle-income individuals and families – and came up with what I think are:

An experienced, qualified real estate agent will add value to property buyers

It may be tempting to adopt a do-it-yourself approach in an attempt to cut the cost of buying a condo, particularly with the emergence of DIY home-buying websites in Singapore.

These sites typically appear to promise a no-commission solution to buying or selling a condo in Singapore by bypassing the need for a real estate agent. In fact, they routinely charge a commission fee if you’re selling your home.

The lack of involvement of an agent in the listings on a DIY property market site means condos may be priced far higher than the market dictates.

Benefits of buying a condo through a reputable real estate agent:

  • It allows you to take advantage of her knowledge about the property you’re interested in and the local area.
  • An informed agent may have insights into condos likely to come onto the market in the near future, enabling you to jump the queue.
  • You get a seamless, hassle-free property transaction.

If you’re selling your existing property to move to a new condo, advantages of using a real estate agent include:

  • Qualifying potential buyers.
  • Organising viewings.
  • Problem-solving capabilities.

Meet James Yeo – and find out why his clients think he’s a top property agent in Singapore

Born and raised in Singapore, James Yeo is a man on a mission: to help people live their life to the full by finding their dream home at an affordable price that represents a sound investment.

He specialises in new-launch condos and unsold apartments in other condos.

Refreshingly, James is a residential property investment expert who’s down to earth – practical, realistic, and pragmatic, with no pretensions.

His commitment to clients is demonstrated by how he keeps up to speed with changes in government regulations and economic trends that affect the property market.

When James isn’t engaged directly with his clients, he can often be found honing his skills and sharing his expertise at top real estate seminars or doing research to identify new opportunities for condo buyers.

Jame’s track record

James rates one of his greatest achievements so far as helping a client get a 20% capital gain on a new-launch condo – in just 9 months!

As a certified Real Estate Salesperson (RES) and one of the top property agents in Singapore, James has consistently picked up multiple major sales accolades from 2015 to the present day.

With nearly 100 transactions completed so far, it’s a reflection of his dedication in matching home-hunters with their perfect condo.

Home-buyers turn to James

Home-hunters engage James’ services because of his attributes such as:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Transparency in all transactions.
  • Enabling them to make smart decisions.
  • Getting them the best deal.
  • Facilitating access to advice on loans and legal issues.

For property investors looking for good condo deals, James can:

  • Ensure flexibility so you can enter and exit the market without getting stuck.
  • Give you expert advice on potential market changes.
  • Improve your renting-out capabilities through James’ own quality home-styling business.

James’ home-styling and home-staging services can also help sellers find a buyer more quickly.

James’ passion for helping home-buyers

James’ passion for helping home-buyers find a sound investment stems from his experience in seeing how financial speculation can go wrong.

He says: “There’s often nothing you can do when an investment goes bad – not even damage limitation.

“I’ve seen misguided investment advice result in bankruptcy and broken relationships including divorce.

“I’m determined that my clients get the best advice to avoid heart-breaking situations like these and enable them to make informed decisions aimed at enhancing their quality of life.”

James’ views on the future of Singapore’s residential property market

I believe Singapore is unique as a safe haven for residential property investors.

I consider our house prices are extremely under-valued due to high government intervention, and our price index is at a healthy level compared with other countries. We also have a government with a good track record of achieving its goals. So, investing in the long run in Singapore is an ideal option.

Although a phenomenon, price bubbles – substantial and sustained mispricing – occur regularly in global property markets. We don’t know for sure we’re in one of these bubbles until it bursts, but they’re characterised by factors including excessive lending and heavy home-building.

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index produced annually by leading wealth managers UBS Switzerland AG gauges the risk of a property bubble. The 2018 index shows Singapore with a minimal housing bubble risk – much less than a host of other cities, including Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, and Paris.

In fact, Singapore is rated as one of only two “fair-valued” locations for property prices.

Taking the stress out of the condo buying process

As well as pointing you in the direction of condos that look a good investment, I can also guide you through the whole condo buying process to help you find a home that’s a good fit for you and your family.

Buying a new condo in Singapore can be a daunting prospect, particularly for first-time buyers and even if you’ve gone through the process in the past.

If you’re a foreigner, you’ll also need to know about the criteria for eligibility to buy a new condo in Singapore.

I can take you through the whole private property buying process in simple language you can understand, rather than the barrage of real estate jargon that typically confronts potential condo buyers.

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